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The company address: Hebei anpingxian north zhang CunDong50Meters(68Number)

Factory address:Hebei anpingxian city of filter material68Number

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Strong,Tailored one-stop service
Strong,Tailored one-stop serviceStrong,Tailored one-stop service
  • My company has a professional technical team,Rich experience in industry,Strong,Advanced production lines,Equipped with perfect warehouse inventory,Can be effective rapid manufacturing,Goods faster higher efficiency
  • Since its inception For thousands of projects provides the perfect service
  • My company has a unique production process,Has the very good price advantage,Factory direct sale,No intermediate links,Really save money for you,Product specification is complete,There is always a Products meet your requirements
JingLe workshop
Strict process,Raw material safeguard
Strict process,Raw material safeguardStrict process,Raw material safeguard
  • Advanced professional production equipment
  • Scientific and standardized quality management,Product details cengcengbaguan,To ensure the quality of each product。High quality raw materials、Strict management、Good reputation and good after-sales service to win the majority of users praise
  • Products are exported to the country、Europe and the United States and other places,Customer rate is as high as97%The above。
The product is complete,Meet different customer needs
The product is complete,Meet different customer needsThe product is complete,Meet different customer needs
  • Based on customer demand,Change the traditional process,Flexible customization
  • Have more advanced machinery and equipment,Have the ability to mass production
  • Over the years focused on active fence、Passive fence、Ring network products such as research and development、Production、The construction,The craft is advanced,Strong technical force can timely solve the problems,Meet the needs of customers。
Equipment is complete,Meet different customer needs
Professional after-sales engineers,1Hours to respond
Professional after-sales engineers,1Hours to respond
Professional after-sales engineers,1Hours to respondProfessional after-sales engineers,1Hours to respond
  • 24Hours emergency assistance services throughout the day,Moment in your side to ensure that the paragraphs production needs。
  • The one-to-one advisory service,Professional technical guidance to solve your worries。
  • The company will to“The user is supreme、Honest and trustworthy”For the idea,With advanced technology、The high quality product,Wholeheartedly for the customer service。

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  • The production workshop
  • The production workshop

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Anpingxian JingLe wire mesh products co., LTD

Anpingxian JingLe metal wire mesh products co., LTD. The main production and sales:Slope fence、Take the initiative to defend the net、SNSFlexible fence、Passive fence、Passive ring network、The noose net、A spider's web、Wire mesh、Add JinMai g pad、Products such as professional production process factory of,Have complete、Scientific quality management system。The company has advanced production equipment,High standards of surface treatment technology,And strict quality management standards。We adhere to create high-quality products for the idea,Adhere to product quality,Has always been committed to product innovation,Efforts to develop markets at home and abroad。Company products are widely used in various fields,And with a number of large and medium-sized fixed building units and departments to establish a long-term relations of cooperation。We adhere to the honest code of honor is the foundation of the enterprise development;To the quality fine...

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Q:Do you know about flexible fence parts and how to install
Answer:Do you know about flexible fence parts and how to install,The slope under the fence manufacturer's detailed explain for everybody.Flexible fence in recent years the dosage is very large,One of the key...
Q:Install slope fence we what preparation work to do
Answer:Install slope fence we what preparation work to do,Slope under the fence manufacturer's detailed explain for everybody fence installation slope before we need to do some serious points...
Q:How to defend the net slope construction safety
Answer:How to defend the net slope construction safety,The slope under the fence manufacturer's detailed explain for everybody,Slope fence is set up for road safety is a kind of security maintenance。Throughout the year...
Q:Passive fence construction sequence
Answer:Passive fence construction sequence:The slope under the fence manufacturer's detailed explain for everybody。Bolt and steel column base->The excavation of foundation pit and pouring concrete(The soil slope...
Q:snsThe flexibility and characteristics of the slope, defend the net
Answer:1、snsPreset slope fence choose flexible structure,Collaboration between each member appropriate care,Part of the bearing force combined。2、High degree of light-duty steel structure of the whole slope is fence manufacturer...
Q:The composition of the steel wire net、Advantages of its application
Answer:Production of wire mesh fence manufacturer slope with high strength stainless steel wire rope as the primary form some flexible network,Supplemented by bolt、Wire rope fittings such as composition of the whole system。In order to cover up、...